秋冬天室內非常的干燥,我們可以嘗試著養些植物,增添生氣的同時也可以增加空氣濕度。 但是室內養植物也要注意很多,比如有些綠植是喜濕的,有些綠植是對溫度有要求的。總之想要在秋冬天養好植物,首先還是要選一個合適的品種。

In Hong Kong, it is always very dry indoor when autumn/winter comes; an easy way to tackle this problem is to add some plants at home that humidifies as well as making your home more lively.
But choosing the right plant is very important too. Some plants love a humid environment, and some love it warm. To keep your plants happy in this dry winter, you need to know which type to get.

1. 蘆薈 (ALOE)

蘆薈除了眾所周知的美容養顏功能,還能淨化空氣,去除甲醛,吸收異味。 蘆薈適合生長在溫暖但是乾燥的環境中,秋冬季的室內很適合養蘆薈,另外,蘆薈還具有很強的觀賞性,可以用來裝飾居室。 簡簡單單的木質桌面加一盆蘆薈做裝飾,銀色的花盆也十分現代時髦。

Many people know that aloe is good for our skin, in fact, aloe can also purify air, remove formaldehyde and absorb odor. To keep this useful plant happy, we should keep it in a warm and dry environment. The indoor atmosphere in winter time Hong Kong is perfect for aloe to thrive. As a decoration, aloe has a very strong and distinct appearance that easily adds characteristics to your home. Simply put an aloe in a silver pot and place it on a wooden desktop, and your home instantly becomes chic and classy.


If you have a big enough dinner table, a little pot of aloe acts as an ideal table top decoration. An even more creative way is to add an used food tray at its bottom, like the above photo!

2. 常春藤 (IVY)

常春藤葉形美麗,四季常青。作為室內盆栽,常春藤可以進行許多種造型,根據居家環境的不同而選擇不一樣的造型。 常春藤能夠有效抵制尼古丁中的致癌物質,通過葉片上的微小氣孔,它能吸收有害物質,並將其轉化成無害的糖分和氨基酸。 對於室內濕度也沒有很高的要求,秋冬空氣污染度較一年中普遍較高,非常適合選擇一盆常青藤進行養殖。

Ivy is a gracious looking evergreen. There are many possibilities to use ivy as a decoration, according to the design of your homes. Through all the micro stoma on its leaves ,ivy effectively filters out any carcinogens from nicotine, absorbs harmful substances, and transform them into sugar and amino acids that are both harmless to our bodies. Ivy doesn't need a lot of humidity for its growth, and since the air is usually more polluted in autumn and winter, keeping an ivy at home can be a very good idea.

3. 仙人掌 (CACTUS)

仙人掌雖然喜光照,但耐熱和耐乾旱,生命力極其頑強,是秋冬天非常好養活的室內植物。 仙人掌還被稱作夜間“氧吧”,仙人掌能吸入二氧化碳,釋放出氧氣,還能吸附灰塵,淨化室內空氣。

Cactus loves sunshine, it can also endures great heat and dryness. Its extreme vitality is a perfect choice of plants for autumn and winter in Hong Kong. Cactus is also known as the 'night time oxygen bar', in which it effectively absorbs carbon dioxide while releasing a good amount of oxygen. Cactus can also absorb dusts and purify air.


Cactus appeals to many people and comes with lots of different shapes and forms; a bigger pot of cactus on its own, by the window or your favorite furniture makes a very eye-catching statement decoration.


Another idea to decorate your homes would be to gather a few smaller cacti and a couple other green plants, and keep them all in the same kind of pots which adds consistency.

4. 虎皮蘭 (SNAKE PLANT)


Snake plant originates from tropical climates in Africa and India, therefore they don't rely on humidity to grow. Sufficient sunlight is enough to keep it thrive. In winter, create a nice environment for snake plants by keeping them in a warm room facing the sun.

若放置在室內光線太暗處時間過長,葉子就會發暗,缺乏生機。 另外,如果長期擺放於室內,不宜直接移至陽光下,應先移在光線較好處,讓其有個適應過程後再見陽光,以免葉片被灼傷。

Insufficient sun would cause snake plant's leaves to turn dull, but you shouldn't immediately move a snake plant to the sun after it's been hiding in the shade for a while. Instead, first place the sun-deprived snake plant in a somewhat brighter spot, let it adapt before moving it to the sun; this can prevent the plant's leaves from getting sunburnt.

長期養虎皮蘭不用太過於擔心修剪的問題,就這樣將2-3盆虎皮蘭放在一起,就形成了家中的一道風景線。 如果家裡本來就設計了花帶,不放也考慮虎皮蘭這種奪目又好養的品種,對於都市人減少日常護理的時間很重要!

Snake plants are very low-mainatence, too. You don't have to often trim its leaves. Putting 2-3 pots of snake plants together create an interesting view at home!


鴨腳木能耐弱光條件,是非常適合室內栽培的植物,它通常可以長時間養殖,也是以適應能力強著稱。 只要土壤內的水分充足的情況下,在秋冬天干燥的環境也完全沒有問題。

Umbella plant can grow under low light conditions, therefore it makes a very good plant choice for indoors. They are highly adaptive, perform great in winter as long as they get enough water.

由於它有很強的生長力,株型優美,給人有一種新生的感覺。 並且也可以吸收尼古丁和其他有害物質,因此也成為了世界上非常受歡迎的室內栽培植物之一。

Because of its strong vitality and gracious appearance, umbella plant gives off a lively feeling. It can also absorb nicotine and other harmful substances, making it one of the world's most popular indoor plants.


All of the above plants have one thing in common: they are low maintenance with a strong vitality. Give these plants sufficient sunlight and care, and they will thrive to be the perfect plant for your homes.

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