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    Cheong Kee 昌記小食
    發表於 2013-10-11
  • Toast with milk & peanut butter (or you may call it "Bible Toast")
    There is a thickness of 1.5 inches. This is one of the signatures / gimmick items in Cheong Kee.

    Hot Tea w/ Mill

    Fish meat & fried egg
    Including drink & toast in the following picture, this is an item in a meal set.

    Taste w/ butter and sugar

    Hot Holicks

    Cheong Kee is one of the stalls in Happy Valley Cooked Food Centre.

    Cheong Kee昌記2/F Wong Nai Chung Municipal Services Building, 2 Yuk Sau Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

    Cheong Kee should be the pioneer offering toast of thickness more than one inch. This is the sole reason to patronize Cheong Kee. There are chances this week to visit Happy Valley two times, it is therefore needed to grasp this opportunity to fulfill a hope. Since it is very difficult to try poor toast in dai pai dang, basically there is nothing to lose. It is also a chance to break.
    • 昌記小食座位
    • 芝士麵包
    • 芝士麵包
    • 昌記小食座位

    • 芝士麵包

    • 芝士麵包

      • 昌記小食座位
      • 芝士麵包
      • 芝士麵包
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