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    發表於 2013-10-11
  • The feeling when entering the restaurant is just like returning home - warm welcome from Sze and other frequent customers and a home-feel setting of the restaurant. smileWe both had the 100% Healthy Set Lunch, which included a soup, a grand salad and a yoghurt. tongue
    100% Healthy Set Lunch - 中環的綠紀元生機店 100% Healthy Set Lunch ..

    This time, we were given a savoury warm soup consisted of beetroot, tomato and pumpkin. lol
    As usual, organic alfalfa, which gives us the maximum amount of nutritions including enzymes and proteins, mostly makes up the salad. smileIt also contains other organically grown ingredients including nuts, dried fruits, sprouted green beans and buckwheat sprouts, fresh veggies and mashed potato with basil, red onion and red pepper. I really like the variety and combination of the salad. lolI particularly love the unique mashed potato and nuts. tonguePersonally I would like to have less alfalfa in my salad as I'm not a true fan of alfalfa. Anyway, the rich salad is yummy and is definitely very good to our health.

    Normally, costumers are given home-made organic bread with basil. Surprisingly, we were treated a few pieces of home-made crepes made of buckwheat. tongueThe taste of the plain crepe was good already. With some basil and peanut butter on it, it tasted delicious with the salad. smile

    For the yoghurt, you can have it plain or with some sweetened cereals and fried fruits. I would recommend having it with something sweet.
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